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What Do Small Business Human Resources Entail?

Human Resource issues are a major component of any business.  HR departments assist a business owner in ensuring that he or she is not only meeting the various needs of employees in a timely and appropriate manner, but also that the employee is meeting its obligations to the company.  Many small businesses find the human resource aspect of their business to be challenging, especially if they do not have the capacity to maintain a large HR department.  SourceOne Payroll understands HR needs and has created a web-based one-stop resource that provides critical tools for your business’s essential HR support.

What sorts of issues are entailed in human resources for a small business?  Many of the same issues that larger companies must oversee are issues that small companies must manage as well.  Human resource departments help oversee and manage vital operations such as:

  • Hiring and Termination Issues. Hiring includes more than resume reading.  HR assists with recruiting for specific positions and providing support with the various needs a company has during the interview process.  HR departments often complete background checks and verify the legality of an applicant to work in the US.  They also assist in making sure than any employee terminations are handled fairly and appropriately.
  • Compensation Issues. Compensation issues, including employee contracts and workers’ compensation oversight, are managed well with HR support.  Workers’ Compensation issues can be complicated, especially with regard to premium payments and coverage issues.  Having help with this saves both time and money.
  • Employee Relations and Performance Issues. This large area of management often addresses employee complaints, employee-to-employee relations, as well as management of employee certifications and licensing requirements for skilled labor.  HR departments also assist in creating employee handbooks and policies that conform to state and federal laws, as well as monitoring training issues and conducting regular employee performance reviews.
  • State and Federal Law Compliance. Businesses operating in the US must comply with state and federal laws that apply to its activities.  Small businesses must address concerns and issues that revolve around fair hiring laws and labor laws that govern basic rights for employees.  Knowing what laws apply and how to facilitate them is part of what a HR professional does. 

As you move forward with your small business, obtaining help with your Human Resource issues will not only make your business run more smoothly, but also ensure that you are operating your business legally and fairly.  The professionals at SourceOne are there to help you with this vital task.

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