Time & Attendance

Improve productivity and reliability with real-time insight into when and where your employees’ work begins and ends.

SourceOne provides simple and flexible solutions for your time, attendance, and human resources needs. Keep track of your employees’ time and attendance with ease and at your own convenience.

  • Track hours worked by individuals and teams across the enterprise
  • Report and analyze where employees are working
  • Seamlessly integrate payroll processing
  • Comply with the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state labor laws

No matter where an employee is working – whether in the office, in the field, or at home – they can clock in and out by mobile device, wall clock, or computer. It's time to take command of labor costs and improve workforce productivity. It's possible with the expertise of SourceOne.

Time and Attendance Solutions from SourceOne Human Capital Management

Do you know how your payroll dollars are being spent? Our tools and technologies do.

Gain unprecedented insight into time worked, attendance (including tardiness and absence), and any irregularities like a missed punch. This accuracy boosts your payroll confidence, limits fraud, controls labor costs, and prevents unplanned overtime. At SourceOne, we bring together decades of expertise with the latest tools and technologies to make your time and attendance reporting a breeze.

TimeClock™ & WebClock™

SourceOne's TimeClock™ is an online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses, large and small. It combines three essential components of good timekeeping: the convenience of online access, the familiarity of a conventional wall-mounted time clock, and the simplicity of computer-processed time data collection. Our service is entirely online, which means you never need to buy, install, or upgrade software.

Our TimeClock™ and WebClock™ solution was designed for small- and medium-sized business owners with busy schedules and a million things to do. It can be set up within seconds. Editing timekeeping data online is simple. With exceptionally easy configuration and day-to-day use, our TimeClock™ and WebClock™ systems offer a valuable solution that can either be used separately or networked to function simultaneously on a single account.

TimeClock™ and WebClock™ are easily suited to meet your company's needs, ranging from a simple "in and out" style to a more complex approach that utilizes labor distribution and shift differentials. Your company account will be as user-friendly or as detailed as necessary to meet your unique timekeeping needs.

Employee Mobile App

Your timekeeping account provides two ways for employees to access the system: the Employee Portal and our mobile app. With the mobile app, employees get many of the features of the Employee Portal with the added benefit of push notifications and location tracking. Our mobile app has an improved experience in terms of interface and functionality.

Using the Mobile App, the employee will have the rights to:

  • View their time card.
  • Edit their time card if enabled..
  • View their personal information and edit phone and email.
  • View company messages, either through the Employee Bulletins feature or messages.

Location Tracking with Mobile Location Management

When employee's clock in and out with the mobile app, their location can be collected and displayed on the timecard with Mobile Location Management. This feature is available for any site using the Employee mobile app and includes Geofencing. Mobile Location Management is simple to enable and can be enabled client wide or enabled per employee. This allows you to select the employees who will have their location data collected. This feature not only shows an employee's location on Google Maps, but also displays the address associated with the punch data.

Clock Lockout

Clock lockout prevents employees from clocking in early through the Intelligent Clock. The employee's IN punch at the start of their shift is compared to the schedule and, if they are earlier than allowed, the clock rejects the punch and notifies the employee that they cannot clock in. Also, if an employee is not scheduled, they will be prevented from clocking in.

PrintReader™ & FlexClock™

Alongside TimeClock™ and WebClock™, we provided the additional services of PrintReader™ and FlexClock™. With PrintReader™, biometric verification can be added to a TimeClock™ unit to eliminate the costly expense of employee time theft that often occurs through “buddy punching.” Our FlexClock™ is an additional time tracking device that offers near-real-time data transmission along with the flexibility of multiple data collection methods.

Time and Attendance Software for Small Businesses

Save with automated timekeeping.

SourceOne’s automated timekeeping solutions eliminate the extra time that is required to manually total time card data, the cost of human error, and the large expenses incurred by employee time theft. Our simple and affordable solutions are an excellent investment for any company.

  • Empower your HR team with real-time access to employee time data
  • Widen your insight with remote access and work-from-home solutions
  • Comply with wage and hour regulations

Our products and services are reasonably priced because, as a small business ourselves, we understand that there is a pressing need for cost-effective time and attendance services. We offer proven brand-name equipment, free upgrades, and free daily email reports. Contact SourceOne today to learn more about our simple, affordable timekeeping solutions.

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