Overview of Hire on the GO

Hire on the GO is fully-integrated applicant tracking that helps businesses find and hire great employees. Post jobs online to dozens of job boards, accept resumes and sort through applicants, and seamlessly onboard new hires with Hire on the GO’s easy-to-use online tools.

Key Solutions

  • Easy-to-use applicant management features allow you to manage your entire hiring process in one place.
  • Post jobs and promote online to dozens of job boards, plus social media in just a few clicks.
  • Never miss an employee again, Hire on the GO includes a fully-integrated onboarding process – once hired, the applicant’s information is seamlessly pushed into payroll to be added as a new employee.
  • Centralized reviewing, rating and collaboration with and about applicants.
  • Save time and money while reducing time-to-hire by at least 30% and getting to the best candidates faster.

Key Features

Smart Application Forms – Form Builder
  • Customize application forms with pre-screening questions, qualifiers, and your own business rules to save time and effectively identify top candidates.
  • Leverage question sets across job postings for consistent information gathering.
Online Job Posting & Social Media Integration
  • Syndicate your job postings to multiple free & paid job boards, including Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, and many others – with just one click.
  • Let social media support your hiring efforts through our easy integration system.
Applicant Tagging
  • Fast track reviews, rate and quickly identify the most qualified candidates with our keyword tagging system.
  • Build keyword tags into your job description.
  • Quickly filter applicants based on single or multiple tags to find the best applicant for your current opening and to build a database of interested job seekers for your next hire.
Video Interviewing
  • Save time by sending an invitation to as many candidates as you like – and review their responses on your schedule.
  • Save money by only conducting face-to-face interviews with your most qualified candidates.
Integrated Background Checks
  • Simplify pre-employment verification and background screening services through our partnership with Crimcheck.com.
  • Fully compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Communication, Calendaring & Scheduling
  • Don't lose another candidate due to miscommunication.
  • Streamline communication and scheduling through a single interface.
  • Keep a detailed record of all touch points.
  • Drive collaboration with your hiring team and share information with other hiring managers and key stakeholders involved in the search.
Offer Letter
  • Generate and send offers from a single interface, making the process 100% digital.
  • Streamline the process with digital signatures for candidates to accept, which adds your new hire directly into Employer on the GO or Employer OnDemand.
Reports & Analytics
  • Use data to improve processes and outcomes. Hire on the GO includes robust reporting to help you optimize your efforts.
  • Identify your most effective channels for candidate sourcing and see at a glance where applicants are in the hiring process.
  • Use our built-in EEOC Survey and reporting tools to make compliance a cinch.

Advanced Features

Staffing Version:
  • Manage multiple clients, entities or locations from a single account.
  • Create customized client-branded job pages.
  • Real-time activity brings transparency to recruiter productivity.
  • Flexible pricing allows you to only pay for clients that are actively hiring.
Roles & Permissions:
  • Completely configurable user permissions: Turn on or off key functions within each role.
  • Change permissions on the fly with one click.
  • Match roles to your workflow and set permissions accordingly.
  • Set up custom approval/notification workflows for job requisitions and offer letters that match your specific needs.
  • Streamline approvals – stakeholders can approve or reject right from an email.
  • Simple, intuitive process means you can adjust the process when you need to.
API Integration:
  • Embed our Jobs Widgets into your web properties.
  • Integrate into popular content management systems.
  • Use our REST API for full customization options.
Referral Network:
  • Enhanced tools that help you manage the referral process.
  • Empower employees and colleagues to share postings.
  • Automatically track referrals to feed incentive programs.

Total integration and compliance.

Seamless employee management.

Post your job online
Promote the job to online job boards and social media sites in one easy step
Set up automated workflows to prescreen candidates
Review and rate applicants
Invite a group of applicants under consideration to video interview
Screen video interviews
Schedule phone interviews with qualified candidates
Schedule in-person interviews with top candidates
Send an online offer letter to your top choice
Receive digitally signed offer letter and automatically mark the applicant as hired and trigger the onboarding process
Send a personalized bulk “Thanks but no thanks” email message to the rest of your candidates
Review your applicant analytics to evaluate your recruiting channels and optimize your next hire
Access documents and proof of compliance with one click

Completely customizable. Completely paperless.

Recruiting Pain Points & Solutions

PAIN: Difficulty finding qualified applicants

Solution: Our Online Recruiting Manager makes it easy to post your job to multiple job boards and social media channels so you can get your openings in front of the best candidates

Our employee referral program helps you tap into your employees’ networks to source qualified candidates

Video interviews make it easy to screen applicants and get to the best ones quickly

PAIN: Difficulty keeping track of applicants throughout the hiring process

Solution: Our applicant tracking features makes it easy to organize and track applicants in one place

Our applicant dashboard provides an at-a-glance view into your where applicants are in the hiring process, allowing you to address candidates that need you attention and archive those that you’re no longer considering

Applicant tagging makes it even easier to categorize, rate and sort applicants based on fully customizable parameters set by you to match your hiring workflow

PAIN: Don’t have a way for applicants to apply online

Solution: Our Jobs Widgets and hosted careers page makes it easy to integrate active jobs into your website with little work from your web team, providing your applicants with a simple, mobile-friendly online application form

Or keep it simple and just use the hosted careers page to display jobs online and accept online application forms

PAIN: I’m not notified when new employees are hired

Solution: Hire on the GO is fully integrated with Employer on the GO and Employer OnDemand

Once an applicant is marked as “Hired” in Hire on the GO, the new hire is automatically added to Employer on the GO and Employer OnDemand for onboarding

You’ll receive dashboard notifications when there is a new employee waiting to be onboarded


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