ACA Compliance

Avoid costly penalties associated with the ACA. 

Do you know the many regulations brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? With regulations like the Employer Shared Responsibility Tax—better known as the “Pay or Play Tax”— coming into effect in 2015, employers can expect to face a number of reporting and compliance requirements along with associated tax liabilities and penalties. The time for preparation and action is now.

Start planning now. 

Aimed at minimizing ACA compliance risk, The ACA Dashboard is an integrated management tool designed to provide continually updated ACA monitoring, reporting and documentation.

How it works:

  • You work with your benefits professional to outline and document your strategy for ACA compliance.
  • Then you set up Measurement, Administrative and Stability Periods for both Ongoing and New Variable hour employees.
  • The ACA Dashboard tracks employees and utilizes this data to generate the necessary ACA documentation required by law.
  • Exports reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • It also generates annual IRS reports for Applicable Large Employers and can manage an unlimited number of companies in one location, all within ACA requirements.
  • Now is the time for planning and compliance.

Get Ready: Affordable Care Act IRS Reporting

There is a costly compliance risk with not reporting or not reporting accurately. ACA reporting is complicated. Every employer with 50 or more full-time equivalents must report in 2016 based upon activities in 2015 or face fines. ACA OnDemand has leveraged its vast ACA experience to deliver ACA Reporting Essentials. It is the cloud based solution designed to aggregate employer plan and coverage information to populate the IRS ACA reports.

How does the ACA Reporting Essentials aid an employer?

  • Consolidating information related to offers of coverage, employees, etc. for IRS reporting.
  • Plan and coverage information can be managed in the solution as well as populated through integration with benefits administration system or uploaded into the solution.
  • Documenting types of coverages offered.
  • Generating the associated reporting codes based upon the health plan
  • information.
  • Populating the C series reports and the employee statements.
  • Providing a signature ready IRS report.
  • E-filing

In-house solutions and typical payroll reporting cannot fully address the evolving complexity of the ACA. The ACA Dashboard is directly integrated with payroll data from Employer OnDemand and Employer on the GO to provide you with the actionable information you need. ACA Reporting Essentials uses employer specific data to aid an employer in IRS Reporting and generation of employee statements.

Download the SourceOne ACA Compliance overview brochure for a snapshot of all the great features from this service: SourceOne ACA Brochure

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