Partner Payroll Program

Do you deliver complementary services to small and mid-sized businesses? Are you a bookkeeper, bank, insurance agent, association, TPA or Financial Advisor?

SourceOne encourages the growth of your business by enabling you to offer payroll and other key products in a SaaS capacity. You will have the ability to attract and retain more clients by participating in a generous revenue sharing program that encourages improved client profitability

What will partnering with SourceOne do for your clients?

SourceOne acts as an extension of your practice where your clients will receive prompt, reliable, accurate and innovative payroll solutions--complete with direct deposit, time and attendance, workers comp pay-as-you-go, and access to our ACH banking conduit for tax and direct deposit.

And to help your clients stay in compliance with evolving Affordable Care Act requirements, our HR OnDemand offers critical reporting tools.

Your clients will benefit from a one-on-one approach to customer service backed by independently owned and operated offices delivering tailored services to match the requirements of their businesses.

Regardless of size, clients benefit from a fully insured, redundant back-up system for disaster recovery, and the information will be secured at an offsite co-location facility.

How will you benefit from your clients using SourceOne Payroll?

  • Receive immediate and secure access to all your clients’ data, reports, W-2/1099 information, tax payments and more
  • Receive one secure and easy login for all your clients
  • Choose from exclusive programs and discounts for referred clients
  • Private labeled to seamlessly represent your brand
  • Discounted payroll services for your firm and an option for revenue sharing

Partner with SourceOne Payroll today.

You can be confident in SourceOne’s ability to protect your business while supporting your growth goals.

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