I-9 and e-Verify Processing and Tracking

The U.S. law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States. Not verifying your employee’s right to work status can result in significant fines and a damaged reputation for your company.

You can verify your employee’s right to work status with an affordable I-9 and e-Verify process.

The I-9 process is the single best way for you to comply with the laws surrounding the immigration status of your employees.

The e-Verify process entails I-9 verification through the Department of Homeland Security’s electronic verification system. Three recent immigration reform bills mandate all 50 states utilize e-Verify.

The SourceOne solution

  • Convenient processing of electronic I-9 forms
  • Utilization of mouse-enabled signature capture
  • Review and approval of I-9 forms
  • Online storage for e-Verify forms and certificates
  • Easy retrieval process of documents when requested by authority

Verify your employee’s right to work status today.

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