Swipe Clock Overview

Accurately tracking employee time and attendance is valuable. The amount of wasted time, energy and money devoted to collecting, monitoring and processing employee time and attendance is not valuable.

Integrated Time Clock and Payroll

Utilize an integrated time clock and payroll system to seamlessly collect, process and review time and attendance.

  • Accurately collect time data through various devices including a caller ID verified clock, GPS tracking system or a simpler version that includes a basic card that can be swiped
  • Utilize a single login and dashboard to access Time Clock and Payroll processes
  • In one “push button” step upload time and attendance transactions for the pay period, process the data and review

The employee self-service aspect

The self-service aspect of the time clock allows employees specified access to time cards and other information in order to efficiently track time and attendance related activities. Employees can utilize such features as requesting time off and approving and editing time cards with managerial approval.

The documentation on employee time cards provides for defensible information on employee time.

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