A Quick Guide to Human Capital Management (HCM)

At SourceOne, our goal is to ensure customers get the absolute best solutions when it comes to payroll and HR needs. And by providing Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, we can do just that. Even if you've heard of HCM before, the exact definition can be a little tricky to pinpoint. To help you gain a better understanding of what HCM is and how it can enhance your business, we've created a quick guide to answer a few questions.

What is Human Capital Management?

HCM uses an approach that optimizes the workforce by seeing employees as assets that are invested in because they can maximize your company’s value – when strategically hired and managed that is. A primary idea for HCM is that you leverage your staff as the essential resource they are.

By hiring the right employees, strategically training and managing them, and upgrading their skill set, they'll enhance your business. After all, employees are part of the financial landscape for companies, and you want to improve their worth (while minimizing the cost to do so).

What are the benefits of HCM?

While human capital management involves many aspects of business, when successfully implemented, you’ll see a range of benefits. HCM equips HR with the best tools for talent acquisition to ensure the right candidate is hired for the job. This is crucial because when the right person is on the job, you'll add value to your business since they’ll be more qualified and motivated. But when the wrong person is hired, they can end up costing you (and other staff members) time, money, energy, and cause further problems down the road.

HCM increases workplace productivity because it brings the best out in employees. Having easy access to HR and getting the information necessary to move forward in their day reduces distractions and keeps the staff focused on the task at hand. Taking out the complexities that come with payroll technology platforms, healthcare, and other challenges, allows efficiency to flourish.

You'll also be connecting your corporate and workforce goals to reduce overhead. Employees can develop and grow within the company and deliver their best work when they align with your goals. HCM makes this possible from strategically filling positions with the right candidate to continuing to provide HR services that make doing their job seamlessly.

What solutions does PaySource have for implementing HCM?

Recently, we’ve updated our name to SourceOne Human Capital Management. With this name change, you may wonder what solutions we have for your business when it comes to HCM. We continue to offer the same consistent and reliable services that aid in the development and success of your HCM strategies. You can count on us for services such as payroll, HR support, ACA compliance and benefits, talent acquisition, paperless onboarding, and much (much) more!

Our team is filled with problem solvers that stay at the forefront of the industry, and we encourage you to check out our services and see for yourself the exceptional solutions we have for implementing HCM. Contact SourceOne HCM today for all of your human capital management needs!

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