How to Stay Organized (And Sane!) During Hiring Season

Employees are one of the greatest assets of a business, and it’s crucial to remember this during the hiring season. After all, when you hire the right person for the job, the overall business increases in productivity, and costs are reduced. But, when the wrong person is brought in, money is spent on additional training and correcting mishaps, and can eventually lead to onboarding a replacement (which costs even more time and money). 

To ensure you recruit the best talent and fit for the positions you have available, you’ll need to stay organized when hiring is in full swing. To help simplify the hiring process, we’ve provided a solution on how to stay organized (and sane!) this hiring season. 

Use Hire on the GO for the entire application (and onboarding) process

Our fully-integrated applicant tracking system, Hire on the GO, is designed to make the entire hiring process seamless. From posting on a multitude of job boards to onboarding new employees, you’ll stay organized and have more control over each phase of hiring. You remove the digital clutter of candidate recruitment because you access and manage everything from one place. Quality employees won’t get lost in the shuffle, and you have all the tools you need to find the best professional for the job.

Take advantage of the key and advanced features 

When incorporating Hire on the GO into your hiring process, you have a lot of features that you can take advantage of. In fact, the features allow you to reduce the time it takes to hire by almost a third. Some of the key features include the ability to build smart application forms and post on social and online job sites, access reports and analytics, video interview candidates, provide background checks, and (much) much more. 

If you're required to create customized job pages, access real-time activity, configure user permissions, track referrals, and other advanced features, Hire on the GO is a rock solid solution for a range of companies.

Contact SourceOne Human Capital Management to get started!

Trust that staying organized and stress-free during the hiring season is possible. At SourceOne Human Capital Management, we encourage you to check out our overview of Hire on the GO for a more in-depth look at the features and benefits. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or get started today! Simply call 1 (888) 622-4746 or fill out the contact form and we’ll be quick to respond.

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