"I just felt a need to let you all know how wonderful you are. I have been in the medical field for 30+ years and have dealt with various companies through the years, some good, some not so good. This company has given me the flexibility to be a manager and make my payroll an easy and thought-free job. Everyone knows me by name, greets me and asks what they can do to help me. What an amazing concept….Someone who cares!! Thank you for all you’ve done to make my job easier, and confident payroll is always on track!!"
- Susie Reagan

"The daily TimeClock report is a real plus. I also like the fact that I can choose which reports I need and can access them at any time."
- Kathleen Owens

"The transition from manual payroll management to Source One's automated software has saved an incredible amount of time for our management staff."
- Jolene Kachold

"As a CFO for hire, I manage multiple businesses and have wrestled with dozens of payroll services. Today, all my clients use SourceOne and the results are second to none."
- Robert Loitman

"Let me say that your staff are like none I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing."
- Valerie Day, Law

"I needed a fast, easy-to-use system for tracking my employees’ time and attendance. SourceOne provided just that! Now I know who does what and when."
- Mike Coontz, Construction Engineer

"Through SourceOne’s Partner Program, I was able to offer my clients a greater range of services, increasing retention and attracting new business!"
- Michael DiMatteo, Financial Advisor

"My company was too small to justify our own full-time HR staff. That’s when SourceOne stepped in. I would definitely recommend their HR Support Center!"
- Melanie Mackenzie, Florist

"SourceOne allowed me to concentrate on growing my business, without getting bogged down in payroll headaches. Now, I trust my payroll to get done right on-time."
- Peter Canably, Entrepreneur

"If you are looking for a payroll company that is professional, accurate, on time, and knowledgeable, you have found it with SourceOne. Since our company switched to SourceOne this May, our payroll is delivered on time every pay period; our employees get their pay on time every pay period; our employees taxes are filed on time and paid correctly (no penalties charges). We couldn't be more satisfied. SourceOne is worth every penny and more."
- Barbara Van Deventer

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