Learn More About the California Competes Tax Credit

The revenue and jobs that come from businesses setting up shop are critical to a state thriving, so tax incentive plans are becoming increasingly popular – and competitive – to lure business from one state to the next. The California Competes Tax Credit is an incentive plan to attract businesses to the Golden State, while encouraging existing companies to keep growing.

Can You Afford to do Your Own Payroll?

Perhaps you’ve been handling your own payroll since you started your business. But chances are, as your business has grown, so has your payroll. More employees and increased sales can translate to many more hours managing what was once a minor task.

Should Your Business Perform Background Checks on New Employees?

You may think that pre-employment background checks are reserved only for large corporations, but the truth is that more and more companies – including small businesses – are doing them.

Payroll Processing Needs for Small Businesses

Are you in the market for the best payroll processing solution for your small business? With a range of options available, may be difficult to decide which one suits your needs – both now and in the future.

Our advice is to choose a system that:


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