Small Business Survival Tips: Ways to Make Time for Yourself without Sacrificing Your Success

When you run your own business it is hard to take time out. It isn’t until you actually set up a business and become self-employed that you realize just how hard it is. You have to spend a lot of time and energy running the business that it often leaves you with little time to focus on anything else.

Avoid Payroll Hassles from Holiday Bonuses

The holiday season is almost here.  If you own a business, chances are there are employees that you want to reward for their chard work.  Holiday bonuses are one way that you, as a business owner, can reward such employees at the end of the year.   If employee bonuses are something you are considering, it is important to understand how they should be calculated and how they will affect your pay

How Much Time Should You Spend on Payroll?

Every business, large or small, must meet its payroll obligations to its employees.  Payroll issues are complicated for a modern business.  A payroll department manages so many aspects of your employee compensation, including payroll processing, direct deposits, quarterly and year end tax issues and reporting requirements, time and attendance, management reports, worker’s compensation, 401 (k)

What Do Small Business Human Resources Entail?

Human Resource issues are a major component of any business.  HR departments assist a business owner in ensuring that he or she is not only meeting the various needs of employees in a timely and appropriate manner, but also that the employee is meeting its obligations to the company.  Many small businesses find the human resource aspect of their business to be challenging, especially if they do


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